# askiiart's site I'm a hobby programmer, and co-founder and vice president of the [TCCD CompSci and Coding Club](https://codeberg.org/TCCD-CompSci-and-Coding-Club/). I do stuff sometimes. This is my site. ## Personal links - Self-hosted git thing: [git.askiiart.net/askiiart](https://git.askiiart.net/askiiart) (my main git thing) - GitHub: [askiiart](https://github.com/askiiart) (most stuff is mirrored here) - Codeberg: [Codeberg](https://codeberg.org/askiiart) (only used for club stuff) - Discord: [askiiart](https://discord.com/users/552658564368302092) - Email: [dev@askiiart.net](mailto:dev@askiiart.net) ## Site Links - [Gitea](https://git.askiiart.net/) - [My yum repo](/repos/) - A yum repo for stuff I add. I'll probably make it into an NVIDIA 470 driver repo because [NVIDIA is a pain](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVpOyKCNZYw). - [Element](https://element.askiiart.net/) - It's Element, the Matrix client - [LibReddit](https://libreddit.askiiart.net/) - A Reddit frontend - [Nitter](https://nitter.askiiart.net/) - An ad-free Twitter frontend - [Composerize](https://composerize.askiiart.net/) - Convert docker run to docker compose. - [Invidious](https://invidious.askiiart.net/) - A privacy-focused, ad-free YouTube frontend - [Status](https://status.askiiart.net/) - The status page for all the publicly accessible services on my site. - [Bibliogram](https://bibliogram.askiiart.net/applysettings/3bb4944d6d346268ae9bd84f42bc9a51) - An alternative frontend to Instagram ## Pages - This page ([markdown](/index.md)) - Blog - [Marlin Boot Animations](/blog/marlin-boot-animations.html) - Make your Marlin boot screen animated! Includes animation formatting documentation. ([markdown](/blog/marlin-boot-animations.md)) - [300](/blog/300.html) - Figuring out 300 Multiple Choices ([markdown](/blog/300.md)) - TIL - Just little tidbits I learn, inspired by [Simon Willison's TIL](https://til.simonwillison.net/), which was itself inspired by [jbranchaud/til](https://github.com/jbranchaud/til). - [Using JSON with docker compose](/til/using-json-with-docker-compose.html) - Exactly what it sounds like. ([markdown](/til/using-json-with-docker-compose.md)) - [Resume](/resume.html) ([markdown](/resume.md)) - [Portfolio](/portfolio.html) ([markdown](/portfolio.md)) ## Cool Stuff - [StreetPass for Mastodon](https://streetpass.social/) - Basically Nintendo StreetPass, but for Mastodon - [Best Motherf**king Website](https://bestmotherfucking.website/) (sorry for the harsh language) - A fantastic-looking satirical, but rude website, mocking things such as "5MB background video\[s\] of hipsters poking at their iPhones" ## Other/Meta [//]: # (For CSS for wrapping even if cutting off the word, see /style.css) - [GPG public key](/pubkey.asc) (fingerprint: `02EF A1CE 3C3E 4AAD 7A86 3AB8 ED24 985C A884 CD61`) - Monero: [8B7KKtrTLVuAva39qEfb6acvocX7gN1DANkaatSutDPZ7ySpCoVn8jndZcFUQyhnLAD8MjuNv983w7ZG79oZv8KBCFEo69w](monero:8B7KKtrTLVuAva39qEfb6acvocX7gN1DANkaatSutDPZ7ySpCoVn8jndZcFUQyhnLAD8MjuNv983w7ZG79oZv8KBCFEo69w&tx_description=donation_from_site)