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Benjamin Zimmerman
This is public, so I'm not going to put my phone number or address here. Please use email as the primary method of contact.

## Professional Experience - I began computer repair when I was in third grade and built my first computer at age 12. I now run a computer repair business, Ben's PC Repair, out of my home. I do this on the side while I'm in school, but I may expand it. ## Skills and other traits - Fluent in Java and Python. - Can learn just about anything fast. - *Very* fast learner in programming-related topics. - Proficient in Windows or Linux, CLI or GUI. - Traits: - Problem solver. - *Loves* to learn. - Always curious. - Can self-teach. - Flexible. ## [Portfolio](https://askiiart.net/portfolio.html) Highlights: - [askiiart/universal-fast-stable-diffusion](http://github.com/askiiart/universal-fast-stable-diffusion) - A semi-universal version of [TheLastBen/fast-stable-diffusion](https://github.com/TheLastBen/fast-stable-diffusion), it just requires a supported GPU and the dependencies to be installed. - [askiiart/askiiart-net](https://git.askiiart.net/askiiart/askiiart-net) - My site's source code - [askiiart.net](https://askiiart.net) - My site. I have several of services running on it, like [Gitea](https://git.askiiart.net) and [Invidious](https://invidious.askiiart.net). ## Academics - High school diploma, anticipated 2025 - Collegiate Academy of Birdville, Haltom City, Texas - Current GPA 3.8 - Associate of Applied Science in Programming, degree anticipated 2025 - Tarrant County College, Tarrant County, Texxas - Current GPA 3.8 ## Extracurriculars and community service - Cofounder and current vice president of the [TCCD CompSci and Coding Club](https://codeberg.org/TCCD-CompSci-and-Coding-Club/). - Complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service each year.